A growing body of evidence has highlighted this basic fact: behind excellent teaching and excellent schools is excellent leadership--the kind that ensures that effective teaching practices don't remain isolated and unshared in single classrooms and ineffective ones don't go unnoticed and unremedied. The Delaware Department of Education (DOE) in collaboration with Delaware universities, school districts, and policymakers has supported a range of efforts aimed at significantly improving student learning by strengthening the standards, the training, and the performance of education leaders along with the conditions and incentives that affect their success. Delaware has been able to leverage reform in the area of school leadership with financial support from the Wallace Foundation. This report provides a summary of the work that has been accomplished to build Delaware's Cohesive Leadership System--to ensure that every Delaware school has great leadership.

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Appendix A Wallace Request# 20040037.03 Scope of Work: Delaware Department of Education
Appendix C Cohesive Leadership System 2007-2008 Workplan Standards
Delaware's Cohesive Leadership System
Review of Research –learning from Leadership

A Wallace Perspective: Leadership for Learning: Making the Connections Among State, District and School Policies and Practices

How can the nation best meet the challenge of getting the leadership needed in K-12 public education to improve teaching and learning so that every child can be a successful learner? A new Wallace Perspective offers a working hypothesis for reaching that goal based on key lessons from the Foundation’s extensive work with two dozen states and scores of urban districts since 2000. Such a cohesive leadership system, as envisioned, would feature well-coordinated state, district and school-level policies and practices aimed at ensuring that the standards, training and working conditions of school principals are far more supportive than is currently the case to their success as leaders of learning. The paper describes the potential as well as the challenges for achieving such a system and ends with a series of questions aimed at promoting discussion and deeper understanding of this working concept.

Wallace CLS Perspective
Published: September 2006, 16 pages
Publishing Organization: The Wallace Foundation
Document Type: A Wallace Perspective
Document Format: PDF